Utah Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Insurance is great insurance
Considering the long list of benefits that Medicare provides compared to the relatively small monthly premium (only $88.50 per month in 2006), Medicare coverage is one of the greatest bargains in health insurance today. However, Medicare doesn’t cover everything. It has gaps in its coverage, some of which could be devastating to the individual who becomes sick and does not have a Medicare Supplement/Medigap insurance plan.

Serious Gaps in Medicare’s Coverage
Three of the most serious gaps are (1) the Part A (Hospital) deductible of $952 (in 2006) per incident that must be paid when a beneficiary enters a hospital, (2) the Part B Coinsurance of 20 percent that must be paid when the beneficiary receives Medicare benefits outside of a hospital, and (3) coverage for prescription drugs.
Depending on the plan selected, Medicare Advantage plans are designed to cover most of these and many other kinds of medical expenses not covered by Medicare. Dental and Vision coverage are two benefits that are provided by Medicare Advantage plans, but not Medicare Supplements.