Utah Long Term Care Insurance

Utah long term care insurance is a great financial planning tool for any portfolio. 
Often children of seniors will purchase Utah long term care policies for their senior parents.  Also, seniors can use Utah long term care insurance as a tool to protect their children from the financial risk associated with long term care.
Parts of a Utah Long Term Care Policy
Long term care policies include the same basic parts.  They are;
Daily benefit
Elimination Period
Benefit Period
There are also riders available at an additional cost to make the policy more attractive.  They are;
Inflation protection rider
Home health care rider
Waiver of premium rider
Benefit Period
It is highly recommended to purchase a plan with a five year benefit period.  Most people in Utah long term care facilities need their benefit for a period of four to five years.  However those who develop Alzheimer’s tend to need it for an average of eight years.  This makes a five year benefit period a reasonable and financially responsible choice.
Free Seminars In Salt Lake City, Utah
To request to be invited to a free seminar on Utah long term care insurance, click here.   This seminar will take place in the Salt Lake City valley at periodic times throughout the year.  This seminar will explain the basics of Utah long term care insurance and help you learn what to look for when deciding what policy to purchase.  This seminar will be non-product specific and the main focus will be to present the basics to you.