Dental Insurance in Utah

Some Utah residents receive dental insurance through an employer.  If your employer does not offer these benefits, there are a couple of Utah dental insurance options for individuals and families.
There is one main dental insurance company that sells to individuals and families in the state of Utah.  This company is Dental Select of Utah.  For more information, please read about the Dental Select of Utah plans.
There are some out of state companies that provide Utah dental insurance to residents.  These companies can be a good option, but often they provide discounts only, and not insurance.  You may also want to check your credit union to find out if they offer a dental plan to their members for a reasonable monthly cost.
Most individuals and families in Utah who do not have dental coverage through their employer, will sign up for a plan through Dental Select of Utah or self-insure for these costs. offers you information on Utah dental insurance plans through Dental Select of Utah with no obligation. Click the link above to receive free information on Utah dental insurance.
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