Altius Health Plans

Altius Health Plans
Altius Health Plans is a privately held Utah company that provides Utah health insurance benefits for more than 160,000 members through a large network of community hospitals and physicians. Altius Health Plans offers a number of products that include HMO, point of service (POS), dental, and vision options.
Altius is a Latin word suggesting "something higher." The name is well suited for a company that is absolutely committed to the highest standards in its products, people and service. Altius’ vision is to be the premier Utah health insurance provider, providing superior customer service to all of its partners – members, providers, employer groups, and agents.
Executive Management
Altius Health Plan executives and staff live and work in Utah. President and Chief Actuary Michael Bahr, Chief Financial Officer Lance Davis, and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dennis Harston each have extensive experience in the Utah healthcare market. Decisions are made locally and are driven by local relationships.
Altius Health Plans has been offering Utah health insurance plans since September 30, 1998, when the principals of Altius officially acquired PacifiCare of Utah. The health plan’s history of providing innovative health benefit packages dates back nearly thirty years. PacifiCare operated the plan for a short time in 1997-98 after acquiring FHP Healthcare. FHP of Utah had built a successful staff model HMO, insured 200,000 Utahn’s and consistently posted positive earnings.
Altius Health Plans was acquired by Coventry Health Care in 2003. Coventry Health Care is a managed health care company based in Bethesda, Maryland. Altius health insurance will continue to be provided to Altius Health Plan customers, as it has in the past.
Customer Service
The Altius Health Plan customer service department consistently performs above industry standards. It has reduced the telephone abandonment rate to less than 3 percent on average, and most calls are answered in less than 30 seconds.
Altius health insurance plans has implemented stringent audit guidelines. As a result, 98% of clean claims are processed within 30 days and claims are paid at over 98% accuracy.
Altius Health Plans has improved the enrollment process so that a new member has his or her Altius insurance card before he or she requires service. Cards are being mailed within 5 days of receiving a request with a 98 percent accuracy rate.
There are three different Altius insurance plans for individuals and families. To find out more about each plan, request a quote or contact us. Over 2,900 physicians are associated with Utah Altius insurance plans.
Altius Health Plans offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of Utah employers and individual families. Products include:

  • Peak Advantage – a unique plan featuring total choice of all health care providers—all of the time—under a simple four-tier benefit plan.
  • Peak Plans – which feature open-access, no referral products that can include a split co-pay differential for primary and specialty care.
  • Mountain Plans – which are designed for a cost sensitive client and feature Primary Care Physician selection with referral for specialty care.
  • Peak and Mountain plans also offer a "Plus" option that allows members to see non-contracted providers at reduced benefits.
  • Traditional Plans – for employers looking for a traditional approach to health care benefits with deductibles and coinsurance.
  • Individual Plans – individual coverage.
  • Self-Funding – for companies that want an alternative to fully insured coverage.
  • Two different Altius health insurance doctor networks; Premier (approx. 2900 doctors) and Exclusive (approx. 2200 doctors). To find which Altius health care network(s) your doctors are on, please request a quote or contact us.
  • Out-of-Area Options – for companies with less than 10% of employees out of the Altius Health Plan service area.

Wellness Programs and Value-Added Services
Altius Health Plan members also benefit from services like health risk appraisals, an online coached fitness program, health education, discounts on dental care, eyeglasses, contacts, cosmetic surgeries and more.
To learn more about Altius health care, please click here for the Altius Health Plan Brochures, fill out a quote request form, or contact us.