Altius Health lowers their rates

It’s not very often that a Utah health insurance company lowers their rates.  But, that’s exactly what has happened this year with Altius Health Plans.
Altius Health Plans has been a strong insurance company in the past, and continues to refine their plan and underwriting practices. 
Up until 2007, Altius’ rating structure was based on a single, two-party, or family rate.  This means that if you did not have a spouse and only had two children, you would have been charged the same rate as a two parent family with five children; hardly a fair rating system for those smaller families. 
All of that has changed as of July 1st, 2007.  Altius now decides you rate based upon who is applying.  So if you are a single parent, with two kids, that’s just what you’ll pay for.  Most companies in the Utah health insurance market rate this way now.  But, it’s an exciting change for Altius Health Plans especially, since they have a very high standard for customer service, a large and comprehensive provider network, and the large majority of members are happy with their plans.